My goal is to share tools, resources, exercises, knowledge, and ideas with violinists and other musicians from different walks of life.  Whether you are professional, a student, playing mainly to enrich your lifestyle, or some combination of the above (and perhaps beyond), I would like to help you along your musical journey and walk the path together.



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Who Am I?

My name is Inna Langerman and I’m a violinist and teacher based in New York City.  I perform in small and large ensembles around the tri-state region. My main specialty is orchestral and opera performance, but also play solo, chamber music, musicals, and new music. I teach private violin and viola lessons to all ages and levels using both traditional and Suzuki methods. I also teach group classes and coach chamber music.  Outside of teaching and performing, I enjoy writing arrangements, self-recording, reading, fitness, traveling, journaling, tea, and coffee!

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Books, Videos, and Other Cool Stuff

Visit my resource page HERE, where I’m constantly adding new things to keep you up to date.